Monday, January 25, 2010

We're not in Kansas anymore...

Hello All! This morning, I watched the sun rise over Italy just before landing at Fiumicino airport in Rome. The guy sitting next to me got me excited in NY when he said the descent into Rome was fabulous and I had to take pictures out the window. No such luck--still pretty dark by landing, and at that time, couldn't tell Italy from Iowa. Oh well.

Just settling into the apartment. There are 5 girls with the whole floor to ourselves. Each room has a balcony, and our dining room's balcony is HUGE. We just need some decent lawn chairs. In Italy, you can only heat your house from 6-10am and 6-10pm, and it's pretty cold here today, so we're all bundled up. Hoping to take a neighborhood tour this afternoon and then maybe go into the city center tonight.

Lots more to come!


  1. psyched to hear from you-keep it comin'!

  2. So fun reading this! Just figuring out how to post!