Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28th aka the day I fell in love with the Pantheon and Gelato

I had heard that when its raining in Rome, all tourists must quickly make their way to the Pantheon. The oculus in the ceiling lets in the rain, which then falls directly to the floor of the building in a column. Today it rained (like it has every day since i've been here) and we were near the building, so we rushed over. Let me tell you, just like the Colosseum, you turn the corner of a narrow street and BAM! right in front of you is the Pantheon. No signs, no warning. Just a huge Roman building, dating to 27 BC, built by who-knows-what construction method, and still standing. In. Perfect. Condition. Amazing. We all started commenting that America has some cool stuff (the Lincoln Memorial was mentioned) but this thing was built 2000 years ago! Again, my words don't do it justice. Gigantic columns, a dome so big I don't know how they got it there, and a hole in the top that lets in the rain. What a fantastic way to honor all of the Gods.

We also made it to the Trevi fountain, and of course threw in coins ensuring our return to Roma. And I was introduced to gelato, which easily became my favorite dessert ever (okay, probably close second to creme brulee but it was still amazing) and saw downtown Trastevere. Merely by accident, I should add. Sometimes getting lost can be really exciting!!

Below: the Pantheon, of course. And my roommates and I at the Trevi Fountain.

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