Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Colosseum

This post dedicated to Julia, history scholar and lover of all things ancient. (hehe)

Last night, we finally made it to the Colosseum on a Rome tour with a group from AUR. There were about 50 of us walking around like ducklings, taking hundreds of pictures, and generally drawing attention to ourselves and tourists. Again, we started at the Piazza Venezia and walked past the Trajan Column, Forum, and finally, the piéce de résistance, the Colosseum. It's next to a main thoroughfare, so fiats and smart cars go zooming past it like they see it every day of their lives. For those of us that don't, its an amazing sight. Seeing thousands of pictures of it don't do the actual thing any justice. It is lit from lights in the arches (much like the picture above) and you can see it for blocks before you get there. It kinda looms in the distance. I'm not explaining it well, I'm sure, but I'll have more info once i go on the tour and actually see the inside. Gladiator just got a little bit cooler...

Today we're exploring the shopping side of the city: there's a large market by us that has everything from pastries to fruits and veggies to shoes, and then one of the main shopping streets, Via del Corso.

The pic below is one of my roommates, me, and three other BC girls at the Colosseum.


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