Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exploring the Center


Today was rainy--really rainy. Despite this, my roommates and I trekked around the city and made it to the center, where you can find all of the historical stuff in Rome. The same bus that takes us to school continues on across the river to the center. We passed the forum, thought we saw the Colosseum (which looked accurate out a foggy, rainy bus window, but turned out not to be when close up...) and ended up at the Capitoline and Piazza Venezia. I'll put some pictures below.

Our lunch stop was at a small cafe where we apparently befriended the waiter, as he soon brought out a cappuccino for the table with "you are beautiful" spelled in the foam. Oh, italians.


  1. how long do you think it took the waiter to learn to write like that in foam??