Thursday, February 4, 2010

When in Rome...

....get very busy and fall behind on blog posts!! Sorry about that....

So class started on Monday. My classes include:
Ancient Empires: Greece, Persia, Rome
Adapting Literature to the Screen
Photography of Roman Scenes
Writing Rome, which is an "on-site" course, where we meet all over the city

AUR is a charming place, just two buildings on campus, and the library down the hill. There's a cappuccino maker in the lobby which hands you a plastic cup with a robot arm (after you wait in the long line, that is). The garden is the meet-and-greet for the students. It's warm enough outside to wait in the garden between classes and meet other students. Across the street from the garden gate (through which all AUR students enter and exit) is the Archi Bar, serving more cappuccino and paninis, an amazing pizza place, and a 6-way intersection that is quite dangerous. Italy is the land of fiats, smartcars, and vespas, and they go SO fast. Especially when playing chicken with American students trying to cross the street.

My professors all seem great, most are American ex-pats who now call Roma home. They embrace the city in their lessons and schedules, and make sure we get the most out of our time here.

Trying to get travel plans worked out. On the list are Paris, London, Dublin, Vienna, Florence and Milan (with mom and dad), Prague, and Naples. Hopefully I get it all done! Next weekend, I'm on my way to Interlaken, Switzerland for some skiing and winter sports. I'll be channeling the winter Olympians and taking to the slopes!

Love you all!!

One more thing--- GO COLTS!!!

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